25 februari 2015

Maastricht University

On February 25, 2014, Paul ter Wal gave an inspiring guest lecture to students of the Master (MSc) program Work, Health & Career of Maastricht University. This lecture was entitled “Implementation of health promotion at the workplace. Theories, plans, actions, pitfalls and success factors” and was part of a module about the implementation of occupational health management.

In his lecture Paul ter Wal addressed several theories in the field of sustainable employability, engagement and accountability (which can be considered as the ultimate goals of many health promotion programs), and presented his 7-steps approach to implementation of health promotion in organizations. He underpinned his approach with a study case and many practical examples, which made this lecture highly informative and inspiring. He shared his wide experience in this field with the students in an interactive and enthusiastic style. It was a great pleasure to attend this lecture.